Golf for Advanced

A Little Light Reading? A Little Light Reading?

For anyone who likes watching golf or playing it, it can be instructive to read up... 

The 19th Hole The 19th Hole

Part of the attraction for many golfers lies in the fact that there is such a strong... 

The Olympian Spirit The Olympian Spirit

In 2016 when the Olympics arrive in Rio de Janeiro, the event will be historic in... 

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Golf for Beginners

The Right Shoes With The Right Outfit? The Right Shoes With The Right Outfit?

There is probably a very long and very pointless conversation to be had about the... 

A Last Resort? A Last Resort?

One thing that can be said for golf is that it has a ready-attached leisure sector... 

Shopping For Golf Nuts Shopping For Golf Nuts

Anyone who enjoys golf is a fantastic person for whom to buy gifts. The huge range... 

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Learn to Play Golf

Show Them You Have Balls Show Them You Have Balls

Golf is a sport which looks a lot easier than it is. There is plenty of skepticism about the athletic abilities of professional golfers – and that has not been without reason in some cases – but the truth is that if you are going to spend four days of 50 weeks every year walking several miles and contorting your body into an unnatural position over... [Read more of this article]

It’s A Golf Course, Not A Catwalk It’s A Golf Course, Not A Catwalk

There is a certain standard which is expected from a golfer and their clothing on course. It is defined by most people as “appalling”, and often takes the form of the most disgusting pastel-shade t-shirts along with unacceptable stay-pressed slacks and a sun visor to complete the set. Indeed the professional golfer Ian Poulter has gained a reputation... [Read more of this article]

It’s Not Just For Guys It’s Not Just For Guys

It may not be strictly accurate to refer to golf as a “macho” sport – because it is not – but there is no doubt that up until very recently it was seen as largely an exclusively male one. It was not that long ago that the Augusta National Golf Club refused admission to women – although it no longer has a gender bar on joining it does have... [Read more of this article]

Breaking Down Barriers Breaking Down Barriers

Whatever else can be said about golf, there is no doubt that over the years it has come to be seen as something of a rich man’s sport. While the same accusation is leveled at tennis periodically, the fact of the matter is that any two children with a few dollars in their pocket can buy a racket each and a few tennis balls, draw a line across some... [Read more of this article]

A Holiday To Remember A Holiday To Remember

The popularity of golfing holidays is one of the more enduring examples of sporting breaks currently in existence. There are so many golfing resorts the world over that it is possible to take a golfing break in diverse destinations from Dubai to Durban and from Spain to Scotland. The perfect combination of a “get away from it all” holiday paradise... [Read more of this article]

Get Ready To Spend Your Money Get Ready To Spend Your Money

The importance of getting the right equipment for your golf game is undoubtedly more and more when you get better at the game. As things stand, you may not be all that good, but when you get good you’ll find it enjoyable to own the right equipment, the stuff that takes a few shots off your game and makes it easier to get extra distance on your tee... [Read more of this article]

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